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Wireless Transmit Audio & Video to Any Format of Receiving Devices !

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Stay Safe and Still Go to Church !

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Start Your Own Drive-in Movie

15W FM Transmitter Kit to Broadcast Sound in Cinematic Quality to the FM Car Radios.

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Live Streaming to Facebook & Youtube

 IPTV Streaming Devices for Church Service & School Remote Teaching .

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Video Streaming Hardware


FMUSER FBE200 H.264 H.265 M3U8 HLS HDMI Video Encoder, Facebook YouTube Ustream Wowza Live Broadcast Streaming IPTV Encoder, Good for Advertisement Display, Video Conference, School Distance Teaching.

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FMUSER FBE300 Magicoder Video Streaming IPTV Transcoder, Video Resolution Conversion, Encoding Format Conversion, Code Stream Compression, USB to IP Stream, IP Stream to USB File, IP Encoder Decoder.

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FMUSER FBE400 APK magicoder server is designed to efficiently combine different video channels for TV delivery.The IPTV server delivers television services over a local access network (LAN) via a communication method called IP.

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This is easy to set up and adjust - I have some experience but as a Pastor this is not my forte. It works extremely well for our parking lot church

H. Thompson

With the arrival of CV-19 and lockdown in many senior centers, reaching our congregations became a stone-age accomplishment. FM Broadcasting to a complete facility was the solution.

Gary Thompson

Very good product for the price, able to stream HLS and RTMP to Server, able to redirect flows to plex plugin iptv until it was removed from plex