Music Copying

The term “music copying” applies to a broad palette of skills, but in general, refers to creating professional quality sheet music from any number of sources.

Any intelligible source is acceptable: handwritten scores, mp3 or other audio files, video with audio, midi, or any clear image file, such as jpg or pdf. Additionally, individual parts can be “extracted” from existing Sibelius, Finale, or mxl files, formatted with respect to each instrument.

From your source file, I can provide any of the following:

  • Finished master score
  • Extracted parts
  • Lead sheet
  • Rhythm chart (includes form, chord symbols, and relevant details for quick-glance rehearsal and performance situations)
  • Graphics for books, publications, or worship guides


Transcription refers to creating a musical score from an audio source. Say you have composed and recorded a song and want to have sheet music for it. You provide the recording, and I will create a professional quality musical score, which you can then share with other musicians, or submit for publication or copyright.

If you have composed a song or arrangement, and want to record it in the studio, you will want clean charts for your hired session players. Having professional quality charts is a great investment for a couple reasons: you will make the best use of what can be very expensive studio time; you can use the charts later if you hire new musicians to accompany your set.

Another example is when you want sheet music for a song you have heard—say in a video, or on an album—but can’t find it anywhere. Again, you provide the audio (mp3, Vimeo or YouTube link for instance) and I create the sheet music.

Even more, say you want to perform a song you have heard, but can’t find the sheet music, AND, you need it in a key to better suit your voice. EZPZ! Send an mp3 or link as before, tell me how much higher or lower you need it, and I will create the sheet music to fit your range. Once you’ve got it, if you decide you need it in a slightly different key, I can make that adjustment for only a nominal fee. (Really, it’s pretty simple, once the original work is done.)


From your basic song recording, I can create full ensemble arrangements, including parts for piano and keys, guitar, bass, drums, horns, strings, voices, and more.

For Ensembles

From your marked-up score (e.g., a piano solo score you would like played by a string quartet, with your indications for which instruments receive which notes), I will create all the necessary parts to realize your musical intention.

Music for Choirs

From your lead sheet (melody+chords+lyrics), I will compose a choral arrangement based on your personnel: SATB, SSA, SAT, TB, etc., a cappella, or with piano or instrumental accompaniment. If you have only a recording and need a hard-to-find musical score for your choir, I offer a bundled rate for transcription and arranging.

Jazz and Cabaret Artists

This is my specialty. I’ve worked with hundreds of singers and instrumentalists over the years, and one of my favorite things is to arrange songs in the style and character that helps capture that performer’s unique attributes. This could involve changing the groove or feel, reharmonizing the melody, augmenting the form with solo sections or inventive repositioning, or composing interesting and unique introductions and endings… Recording sessions, concerts, even open mic sessions will go smoothly with the highest quality music scores.


Please see the Rates Page for general pricing, but know that each project has it’s own set of variables. Use the CONTACT form to fill me in on the details of your project and I can give you a better idea of the actual cost.

*It is my goal to provide you with the best product available, AND to have a client who is happy about the value received. My rates are competitive and fair, and customer satisfaction is paramount.