My goal is to give you a first rate product at fair value.

Each project may have its own unique variables—from the musical density of the composition itself, to the legibility or intelligibility of the source material. For these reasons, the following rates are general guidelines. After viewing the source material I’ll be able to offer a more accurate quote, with a heads up for any obvious factors that may affect the final cost. Click for CONTACT.

Music Copying (from written or printed score)

— 1 to 4 Staves  $12-15/page

— 5-8 Staves  $20/page

— Each Additional Line  $1.50/page

— Parts  $5/page

— Piano/Keyboard/Organ/etc.  $15-20/page

— Piano/Vocal  $20/page

— Instrumental Lead Sheet  $15/page

— Vocal Lead Sheet  $20/page


— Piano Accompaniment to Existing Melody/Vocal  $20/page


— Base Rate  $60/hour (not including score/parts prep)

Accompaniment Tracks

Accompaniment mp3 to your song or solo instrumental piece.

— Piano  $10-15 per minute

— Add Bass (midi acoustic/electric) $5/minute

— Add Basic Drums/Percussion  $5/minute