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Provide any intelligible audio – or a link to an mp3 or YouTube – and receive clean, accurate scores for those hard-to-find arrangements. Transposition to any key included.

Lead Sheets

Lead sheets provide a quick reference for tunes. Published versions are generally in limited keys, and many “fake books” have incorrect lyrics or chord changes. For the best results, bring reliable lead sheets to rehearsals, sessions, open mics, or guest slots.

Music Copying

Turn your handwritten manuscripts, midi files, or audio sketches into publishable scores. Prepare for the most efficient rehearsals and shows with clean, high quality charts, designed to inspire players to give impeccable performances.


Format your ideas in convenient handouts, or publishing-ready graphics. Save time and improve classroom effectiveness with pro-quality lesson plans, drills, and practice tools.


Music preparation for church has its own set of variables and considerations, calling for a wide variety of formats. Whether you need a single line of melody for inclusion in a worship aid, a cantor’s setting for a responsorial psalm, contemporary hymns, or a full score for orchestra and choir, SF Music Services will fulfill your music needs. File formats include full page pdf’s, and layout graphics (jpg, png, eps) for smaller excerpts.